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What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish originating from 3,000 years ago consisting of salted and fermented vegetables. Despite there being many variations of Kimchi, the most commonly known uses napa cabbage although radish, cucumber and mustard leaf are also widely eaten.

The taste of Kimchi is often described as sour, salty and slightly acidic with umami flavors and a sweet, tangy taste that comes through while eating. Kimchi is very beneficial and full of antioxidants and vitamins which are widely attributed with reducing the risk of disease and contributing to a healthy diet (Link to more information).

Kimchi is the national food of Korea and eaten daily by the majority of Koreans as a side dish, as an ingredient in food and in kimchi based snacks. The recent rise of ‘Hallyu’ (The export of Korean culture) has made Kimchi extremely popular around the world and it is becoming increasingly common in supermarkets and restaurants.

Interested in trying Kimchi for yourself?

The best way to try Kimchi for the first time is at a Korean restaurant alongside great Korean food such as: Kimchi Jigae (김치찌개), Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), Bibimbap (비빔밥) Haemul Pajeon (해물파전)

Once you are hooked, why not make your own! With a few basic ingredients and a container, you can make Kimchi at home. Traditionally Kimchi was made in large earthenware fermentation vessels called onggi but these days you can buy a container online!

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