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The Project.

Kimjang: Making and Sharing Kimchi is a brand-new project made possible by money raised by National Lottery players. It involves recording, archiving and distributing 20 authentic kimchi recipes and personal Kimjang experiences from North, South and Chinese-Korean residents, and hosting an annual Kimjang Festival on New Malden High Street on the third Saturday of November.



Authentic Kimchi Recipes

Recording and archiving 20 authentic Kimchi recipes:

February – September 2019

There are roughly 22,000 ethnic Koreans living in New Malden. We hope to make the most of this dense Korean population by recording, archiving and subsequently distributing a curated selection of their diverse, yet authentic kimchi recipes and Kimjang stories to share with the wider community.

Additionally, we plan to offer a variety of free workshops to local residents to help nurture the community’s talents and skillsets. We hope to encourage active participation of locals in the project to ultimately help the initiative establish itself as a fully community-led, community-first celebration.

Project 1



Kimjang Festival

New Malden High Street

Saturday 23rd November 2019

The grand finale of the project will be the Kimjang Festival will include a Kimchi Experience Area where you can learn about and make various types of kimchi, stalls selling Korean food, live music performances and a cultural activities programme for the whole family to enjoy together.


We will also hold a Make Your Own Kimjang session where Korean residents and locals from the entire borough can buy pre-prepared cabbage and Kimchi seasoning to make their own Kimjang kimchi on the day.

Project 2

About the Brand

The brand KIM-JANG is created to introduce kimjang in a friendly and easy-to-understand way to international residents of New Malden who are already familiar with it.


‘Healthy’, ‘Together’, ‘Sharing’ – These three core values of the brand are represented through the look and feel, colours, typograph and graphical elements, encouraging people to actively engage with the brand and project and make the festival a true local celebration of their own.

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